Winter in Covington, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana can be brutal and the cold weather presents a number of potential problems for homeowners. This is because it’s often the time when most homeowners will crank up their heating in order to keep their indoors comfortable.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the solution to the cold weather because air leaks may exist. This means even more issues to encounter and fix. Before the weather gets to cold, make sure you check for air leaks in your windows and doors. Here’s why.

Air Leaks Let In Cold Air

When an air leak exists, it’s exposing the home to the outside elements. This means when temperatures are low, there can be a draft in the air leak and the cold air can seep inside the home, making this an uncomfortable situation.

Check the windows and doors to ensure there are no gaps or cracks. If there are any, you want to get them fixed before the problem worsens and the weather gets colder. The longer you wait, the more issues you can have with your HVAC.

Air Leaks Make Your Heating Less Effective

Imagine going to turn on your heater, setting your ideal temperature, and then realizing that the heater never turns off. It takes a lot longer to work effectively than normal and you’re not sure why. Then you realize there’s an air leak in your windows or doors.

This air leak is letting the heat out of the home and letting cold air in. This means your heater has to work much harder than it should to warm your home. As such, your utility bills increase and soon enough, you find yourself paying exorbitant fees for something that can be fixed before the weather even reaches colder temperatures.

At Rusk Heating & Cooling, we serve the Covington, Northern Kentucky, and Indiana areas with top-notch HVAC services. We know how air leaks can be damaging to your heater in the colder weather and we want to help you improve your situation.

If you find yourself heating or cooling your home longer than you should, it may mean there’s an air leak. If you’re having a problem with the HVAC system itself, our team has the services you need to get it fixed right when you need it most.

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