According to the Department of Energy, the heating and cooling account for more than half of the energy that is used in an average home in the United States. This makes it the most significant energy expense for many households.

Summer is always the perfect time to try out some home renovations and remodeling. Warm air that finds its way to your home during the hot summer can result in a lot of money wasted. Now will be the best time to make sure that your home is improved to be comfortable, and the best way is by checking for window air leaks. A quarter percentage of the heat in your home is lost through small cracks and holes. 10% of the air leaks through windows. When there is a leak in your windows, cold air escapes allowing for hot air to get in.

Detecting Window air leaks in your home

Professional form Rusk Heating & Cooling can assist you by performing a home evaluation to determine whether there is a leakage of air in your home. They will also recommend some of the best remedies to the situation. Inadequate insulation results to a longer running HVAC system to keep the house cooler, which in turn results to a high energy bill.

Ways to detect a leakage in your home

Smoke test

Step 1: start by depressurizing your home by closing all the windows, doors, turning off the heating system and all the fans for instance oven vents and bathroom fans.

Step 2: hold an ignited candle, incense, diffuser, or something that can burn for long near the spaces around the doors, windows and look for a visible change in the smoke’s direction.

Step 3: if there is a leakage, the smoke will blow sideways and get drawn inside by the outside air which is leaking into your home. If there is no disruption on the smoke, then there is no air leak in your home.

Rusk Heating & Cooling provides a quick expert service from emergency repairs, routine maintenance, replacement equipment or even a new system. Rusk Heating & Cooling can also customize your air quality solutions so that you can get a clean and healthy home as it can be for more natural breathing. Contact us today and get a free estimation.