New Federal Regional Efficiency Standards for air conditioners and heat pumps went into effect in January of this year. Are you up-to-date with the changes? We’ve broken them down below:

The new standards affect contractors, distributors and manufacturers in different ways, and they vary depending on geographic area and equipment type.

The main goal of the updated standards is to make sure that HVAC systems being used across the country are as efficient as possible. Increased efficiency means less reliance on fossil fuel and other sources of energy.

This agreement divides the United States into three regions — the north, the south and the southwest.Regions of the United StatesEach region must comply with standards regarding split air conditioning systems, split heat pumps, packaged air conditioners, packaged gas and electric, and packaged heat pumps. Refer to the table below for more information:Air Conditioner Standards by RegionFor more information, call Rusk Heating & Cooling!