Whether you live in Covington, Northern Kentucky, or somewhere in between, it’s safe to assume your kids enjoy doing stuff outside whenever possible. However, there are times when it’s better to stay indoors in a safe, comfortable home. But you don’t have to worry about your kids being bored indoors if you consider the following fun indoor activities.

Plan an Indoor Treasure Hunt

This is a simple activity that kids of all ages can participate in. Just make up a list of things you know your kids can find around the house if they do a little exploring. Options include:

• Stuffed animals
• Certain items stored on lower shelves
• Dyed eggs or other special items you prepare in advance

Lego-Building Contest

Most kids are naturally competitive. So, why not have a fun, indoor Lego building contest? Pick a theme (e.g., single colored blocks, a particular type of structure or vehicle, etc.) and let everyone vote at the end to see which one is the best.

Play Board Games

Encourage your kids to stay off their electronic devices on rainy, snowy, or cold days and play fun board games. The great thing about this particular activity is that there are game options available for all age groups, including ones specifically designed for families to enjoy together.

Create a Home Movie-Going Experience

Take advantage of your access to streaming movies or dip into your DVD collection to watch some family-friendly flicks. But go a step further and set up your living room or family area like a theater by:

• Having your kids design tickets for everyone
• Making fresh popcorn to hand out
• Setting up chairs similar to movie theater arrangement

Do Some Baking

Most kids love to bake, especially if they know they’ll be treated to a tasty “payoff” for their efforts! There are plenty of recipes available online – along with handy apps you can use to show your kids how to bake things from start to finish with easy-to-follow steps or illustrations.

Make a Family Magazine

Set up an area like the dining room table. Next, get some paper, safety scissors, glue, staples, markers, and tape. The idea with this activity is to let your kids create a family magazine that includes things like:

• Handmade drawings or puzzles
• Collages of family photos you have laying around
• Fun bios or profiles of family members

No matter what fun indoor activities your kids end up enjoying, it’s just as important to make sure your home is comfortable during any times spent inside. One way to do this is by turning to the team at Rusk Heating & Cooling for all of your comfort needs. Contact us today to take advantage of our affordable heating and cooling services.