Does something seem off about your home’s heat pump? Best to get to the root of the problem now before winter weather rears its ugly head.

If yours isn’t running properly, follow this troubleshooting guide:

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips - Heat Pump Service Cincinnati1. Check your thermostat. Oftentimes heat pump issues originate here. Is it set to the correct setting? Is it the right kind? (It should be specifically made for heat pumps.) Is it properly wired? It’s important to check for these potential problems first.

2. Make sure the heat pump is connected to a power source. And make sure the circuit breakers haven’t tripped. If they do seem to have tripped, reset them by switching to OFF and then back to ON. If you’re still experiencing this issue, contact an electrician.

3. Listen for unpleasant noises. Grinding or squeaking sounds could indicate a serious problem with your motor. But before you call a heat pump specialist check the following:

  • Are the cover panels screwed on tightly?
  • Do your heating ducts need insulation?
  • Are there any loose parts in the air handler?

Heat pumps are complicated, so if you’re still having trouble with yours, give Rusk Heating & Cooling a call. We offer expert heat pump service and repairs! For more tips, find Rusk Heating & Cooling on Facebook and Twitter.