The best way to turn common problems into larger issues is by ignoring them. You don’t, however, have to know every detail about your AC unit or how it works. A professional can tell you about what’s going on and in less time than most homeowners expect. Look for the following signs; these will tell you when your unit is in need of maintenance.

General Weakness

Air shouldn’t have a problem at being blown out of your AC unit. If it does, the fans have stopped or the filters are clogged. It may take time for you to notice, but you’ll find little happening after the system stays on. The soft blow of air can be a result of dirt built up inside of the unit. This “lightness” isn’t your only problem. The hazards of not filtrating your air is a risk to your health.

Fluid Leaks

Pools of fluid, constant drips and drops of condensation are things to be concerned with. Each unit is installed with a draining system that captures condensation. Air conditioning units aren’t designed to work with internal fluid. Things will only get worse if you ignore these signs.

Foul Odors

Mildew or grime, which builds up within your system, will eventually rot if it’s not removed. Your system might continue to function normally, but it will also continue to smell. 

Grinding Noises

Loose pieces or large parts may rattle and cause noticeable noises. Your true danger has yet to be seen; greater challenges will arise if pieces detach or get into other parts. Squeaking and grinding indicate that a bit of lubrication could end your worries. You will only know this with professional help.

Keep the Cost in Mind, and Speak with a Pro

Finding the help you need, when you discover the problems above, will reduce your costs. Your monthly bill will increase when your AC unit isn’t effectively working. Every malfunction and challenge forces it to work harder. Call now for repairs that can prevent the need for an entire replacement.