Ever have to turn up the volume on the television because your hvac system was making so much noise you couldn’t hear it? That’s never a good sign and in fact, it could mean there’s a serious problem. From rattling and banging to hissing and clanking, we’re dissecting a few of the most common sounds your hvac system makes, below: Here's What Those Loud HVAC Noises Mean | Rusk Heating & Cooling Rattling If the noises are coming from outdoor unit, there’s a good chance some debris got into the equipment. Turn off the power and then remove the debris. Notice visible damage? Call on your hvac technician right away.

Clanking While it’s normal for your system to make a low humming noise while it’s on, it’s not normal to hear any type of clanking. It could be a variety of issues ranging from the blower motor fan to loose blades or loose pipes rubbing together.

Hissing Hissing noises are common in snakes, not your hvac system. Most of the time it means air is leaking or escaping from your system. Notice it’s coming from behind a wall or in the ceiling? This is a good indication that your ducts need repair.

Whatever unusual sounds you might be hearing, the hvac experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling will take care of it for you! Simply give us a call and we’ll be on our way!