Home Automation & HVAC: Smart Thermostat Isn’t it time that you turned your house into a smart home with a smart thermostat? There are many advantages to home automation in Covington and Northern Kentucky. Learn why a smart thermostat might be the solution to your home heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) problems.

Smart Home Advantages

Many people are buying smartphones because they have a distinct advantage over other cell phones. The same can be said for the smart thermostat. During your busy life, you have an easier way to set or change your temperature with home automation.

Every homeowner prefers a different home climate. For example, you might want to turn on the heat when you awake and turn it down before you sleep. Here are some of the advantages of smart thermostat installation:

  • Set Exact Temperature
  • Remote Control Adjustments
  • Vacation or Work
  • Lower Energy Bills

With the old-fashioned thermostat, the temperature setting is hit-or-miss. Usually, your furnace will try to heat up the room to a wide temperature range. Smart thermostats allow you to set the exact temperature.

Remote Temperature Control

As you move from one room to another, you might want to change the temperature. You don’t need to heat or cool all rooms equally when they are not in use. Smart thermostats give you remote control.

We, at Rusk Heating & Cooling, are well-acquainted with all of the smart thermostats on the market. You might want a smart thermostat that changes your home temperature when you are at work or on vacation. Finding beneficial home automation and HVAC solutions is our business at Rusk Heating & Cooling.

Lower Energy Bills

With a more efficient smart thermostat, you can also lower your energy bills. Lower utility bills could pay for your smart thermostat investment.

We, at Rusk Heating & Cooling, provide the most cutting-edge HVAC solutions. Create a smart home to improve comfort, convenience and lower your energy bill. Give us a call today, so we can turn your house into a smart home.