As summer approaches and temperatures rise, so too will your utility costs. That’s why it’s so important to find alternative ways to keep your home comfortable. Here’s how to keep cool on a budget:

Utilize ceiling fans. Switch your ceiling fans to counterclockwise for a cooling effect of up to six degrees! It won’t actually chill the room, but it will make anyone in the room feel cooler. “Since a fan saves you money only when the room is occupied, be sure to turn it off when you leave,” advises Fox Business.

Grill, don’t bake. Turning on indoor appliances only makes your house hotter. This includes your oven, dishwasher and clothes dryer. Instead of cooking dinner in the oven or on the stove, fire up the grill! If it’s raining, use the microwave instead.Northern Kentucky family enjoying a barbecue outside

Update your landscaping. Yes, the plant life around your home has an effect on its temperature. Planting trees and vines in front of windows that get a lot of sun will help reduce how much heat gets in. Talk to a professional landscaper for tips specific to your home.

Follow these pointers to keep your home cool and avoid overworking your air conditioner. If you do require service on your cooling system, Rusk Heating & Cooling provides the following:

  • Complete analysis of your current system
  • New system installation and repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Financing available

Give us call to learn more about how to keep cool on a budget. We’re available 24/7!