Are you a cat person? A dog person? Somewhere in the middle? Whatever the case may be we all love our pets. So why would you want them to suffer in the summer heat? But lots of homeowners who also have pets are stuck in a battle between leaving the AC on all day to keep their pets cool and facing astronomically high energy bills as a result. So, what should you do? Find out below:Just like humans, pets thrive in the air conditioning. Heat and humidity combined make it difficult for them to pant, which is their natural method for keeping cool. And if they can’t pant, it can be a real problem. So what can you do to keep your pets cool while you’re at work?


You guessed it – run the air conditioner. And we understand that keeping the system on full blast all day can cause energy bills to skyrocket so that’s why we recommend setting the thermostat between 72 and 80°F. This will help keep your pets cool without putting too much strain on your cooling system. It’s also important to care for your air conditioning system especially during the warmer months. Remember to clean or change the filters regularly and you’ll be on your way to more efficient equipment. Need AC service this summer? There are a lot of choices. Picking the right company to do business with is key. You can rely on our team of factory-trained professionals to provide prompt expert service whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repair, replacement equipment, or a completely new system. Give Rusk Heating & Cooling a call today.