There are a number of reasons that the pilot light on a furnace or hot water heater can go out. A room that is drafty can easily blow the flame out. It is recommended that the instructions from the manufacturer be followed when relighting the flame. Follow these basic steps to help you through the process.

  1. Locate the natural gas valve and turn it to the off position. It is best to wait three to five minutes before moving to the second step. This allows the gas to clear the area and will prevent a flare-up from occurring.
  2. If the valve or device has a pilot setting option, move the switch into that position before moving to the third step.
  3. Hold a match or lighter to the pilot opening.
  4. Press the pilot button until the flame takes hold and stays lit.
  5. If the pilot will not stay lit, it will be necessary to shut the gas off and clean the area. It is possible that debris or dirt has clogged up the area and needs to be removed before the pilot can be lit.

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