Summer is the time of the year that you will hear the air conditioners in your neighborhood blasting at full force. During that time of the year, the utility bills are sky high too. This is due to people running their air conditioners all during the day and night. However, it is important to take a break from the air conditioner to save money on the utility bills or to just invite some fresh air into your space. Here are a few tips from Rusk Heating & Cooling on staying cool at night without A/C.

Add Fans

Air conditioners are not the only way to stay cool at night. During the night, the temperature generally drops several degrees. Open the windows up to let in the night air. Turn on your ceiling fan and make sure that it is blowing the air around the entire room. Purchase a fan that is designed for the window. One that blows out the hot air and brings in the cooler night air. Another age-old trick is to place a bowl of ice behind a fan that you sit on the floor. The fan will blow the cooler air into the room for several hours or until the ice melts.

Keep Windows Closed

During the day, keep all your windows closed. Leaving the windows up invites hot air into the house during the day that raises the temperature in the house several degrees. At night, open up the windows to let that cool night air into your bedroom.

Dress Light

Sleep in thin, loose-fitting clothing at night to let the air circulate around your body. Wear less clothing to keep your body cool. Sleep on cotton sheets which are more comfortable than the silk sheets or polyester sheets during the hot weather.

Cool Foods

Keep your body temperature down by avoiding caffeine drinks or alcohol. Instead, drink cool drinks and cold food. Eat cold salads, cold fruit, drink cold water or iced tea. You might also try a bowl of ice cream or a frozen pop to keep your body temperature lower.

Trying to stay cool, through the summer heat? Contact Rusk Heating & Cooling for more information.