If your home feels like a sauna during the summer, then it is time to improve the comfort in each room. Here are five ways to reduce the humidity in your home on your own or with the help of our knowledgeable employees.

1. Avoid Adding Humidity to a Home

When the outside weather conditions are humid, you should avoid increasing the humidity inside your home. Make sure to turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom while you are showering, and also, avoid running hot water in the kitchen or laundry room.

2. Use Circulating Fans in Your Home

By using circulating fans in your home, you can reduce the humidity levels. You can install ceiling fans in your home along with using portable fans in strategic locations.

3. Moisture-absorbing Houseplants

There are several types of houseplants that will absorb moisture from the air to keep your home cooler. Some of these plants include:

• Boston fern
• English ivy
• Reed palm
• Peace Lily

4. Use the Air Conditioner with a Clean Filter

When you turn on your home’s air conditioner, it helps to keep the air circulating so that the building has less humidity. However, you should replace the air filter in the air conditioner at least once a month to have the best outcome.

5. Install a Dehumidification System

If you want to reduce the humidity inside a home, then have a dehumidification system attached to the climate-control equipment. A professional heating, venting and cooling technician can determine what type of dehumidification system is best for your home. At Rusk Heating and Cooling in Covington, we can care for your home’s air conditioner throughout the summer along with installing a high-quality dehumidification system as soon as possible.