Indoor air pollution is a significant yet unseen issue in many homes throughout the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. The air inside a home can be heavily polluted, and family members can suffer due to increased exposure to harmful allergens and pathogens.

The iWave air purifier is one indoor air quality product that helps homeowners eliminate these pollutants for cleaner air. In our most recent blog, Rusk discusses how this system works and why installing one is beneficial for your home.

About the iWave Air Purifier

The iWave air purifier is a type of indoor air quality product that works directly within your home’s heating and cooling system to treat air pollutants circulating throughout the house and HVAC system. Sitting inside the ducted cooling system, air passes across the iWave air purifier as it cycles through the system to be cooled. This position puts the air purifier in the prime location to treat air pollution issues across the entire home rather than only in a small space like small, portable air purifiers.

An iWave air purifier works using a technology called needlepoint bipolar ionization. The unit produces equal positive and negative ions which are released into the air supply passing through the HVAC system. These ions latch onto airborne pathogens like viruses, mold, and bacteria, causing them to lose hydrogen molecules and die off. Once-harmful matter is converted into a compound that won’t cause issues in your air supply, converting these particles and gases into carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, and water vapor.

The iWave air purifier also effectively treats pollutant particles like pollen, dust, and other common allergens. While these particles may be too small on their own to be caught by certain air filters, the ions cause these particles to group together, forming a larger ball of matter that is easily trapped by the HVAC filter and removed from the air supply.

Benefits of Installing the iWave System

Installing an iWave air purifier within your home’s air conditioning system produces many valuable benefits for your household. These systems are easy to use and deliver outstanding indoor air quality so your family can breathe cleaner, healthier air anytime they’re home.

Eliminates Harmful Pollutants

The iWave air purifier is proven effective for the elimination of problematic airborne contaminants commonly found in a home’s air supply, including:

  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Mold
  • Smoke
  • Allergens

Self-Cleaning System

iWave air purifiers are self-cleaning devices which means you don’t have to perform regular maintenance to care for them! The unit’s cleaning cycle can be set to run every day, every 3 days, every 5 days, or once every 10 days. This maintenance-free design offers an excellent service life and will last you for many years to come.

Gain Better Indoor Air Quality at Home

An iWave air purifier delivers superior airborne contaminant control and removal to provide better indoor air quality and a cleaner air supply for your family. Call Rusk Heating and Cooling today to request an estimate to install a new iWave air purification system in your home.