Is there a better feeling than sitting down near a warm radiator after coming inside from being out in the cold? We think not. While it’s nice to take a load off in a warm, cozy room during the cooler months, there are lots of common household items that should be kept away from heat sources at all times.

Scarf Wrapped Around Radiator

Be sure to have your radiator or boiler looked at by a licensed professional if it needs repairs.

  1. Furniture: placing large items near the radiator is never a good idea, especially if your furniture is made of wood or is upholstered. Not only does it have a chance of catching fire, it’ll absorb lots of the heat and prevent it from spreading throughout the room.
  2. Curtains/Drapes: we’ve seen lots of homes with windows located very close to the radiators. With that said, lots of homeowners utilize drapes or curtains during the colder months to trap heat inside. Well, if they get too close to the heat, there’s a chance they could catch fire.
  3. Young Children: we all know how curious toddlers can be and radiators are no exception to their list of curiosity. Keep young children away so they don’t burn their fingers or other body parts.
  4. Books/Magazines/Newspapers: you should keep paper items far away from any source of heat inside your home. It’s no surprise that paper is extremely flammable, but we still see radiators acting as magazine racks from time to time.
  5. Electronics: computers, mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles – keep them all away from radiators. Electronic devices can quickly overheat which could lead to melting or malfunctioning hardware or software.

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