The most efficient method of cleaning your home is to pay attention to daily maintenance. Clean up after cooking, bathing and bringing the outdoors into your home. In other words, wipe your feet before entering your house. And clean the dog after a walk outdoors. Their paws pick up debris we really don’t need festering in our carpeting, furniture and bedding. This includes “what the cat dragged in”.

Change your HVAC filter at least monthly. This prevents build up of dust and allergens that are absorbed into your HVAC system. 

We often think of spring cleaning as removing draperies, rugs, and bedding, sending these items to the dry cleaner or hiring a company to clean the heavy items like carpeting. Using your dryer to freshen up your bedspreads and small area rugs is acceptable. Your dryer vent needs special attention after every cycle, especially daily laundry. Rusk Heating and Cooling, available in Ohio and Kentucky, provides state of the art filters and cleaning services for your home. Air duct and dryer vents are important to clean on a routine basis; but a professional will dig deeper into the crevices that attract and trap dust and other allergens.

An annual maintenance plan with Rusk Heating and Cooling company provides you with consistent system maintenance, and warranties for parts replacement when necessary. They also feel that client education is important for the use of their HVAC system.

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