Purchasing an HVAC for the first time can be a bit stressful. The whole house is depending on your decision to pick both a company and unit that will best heat and cool the home perfectly. To alleviate some of the stress, a few of the things you can consider to help you may your decision are the warranty, the maintenance, and troubleshooting tips.

The Warranty

The warranty is extremely important because you want to know how long the unit is expected to last and how long you get to repair it worry-free. Things happen, units get stolen, natural disasters rip things apart, you’ll want to know what is covered under warranty and ask the typical warranty repair chances of the unit you are leaning towards. You will probably want to go with the unit with the least amount of warranty repairs. If the unit lasts the 10 years they say it will without needing anything replaced then you have done well.

The Maintenance

Do you want a service contract? Is the maintenance something you can handle on your own? Is it more than changing the filter inside the home? These are questions you will want to ask the company you are purchasing your unit from. If they offer you a service contract be sure to find out everything that it includes. You want to make sure callbacks are included in the contract. Make yourself a calendar, no matter who is responsible for maintenance, you will need reminders set to change the filters and do anything else to keep this unit running properly. HVAC units are a big investment for the home. For a trustworthy service try Rusk Heating & Cooling.

Troubleshooting Tips

Find out if there are any shortcuts about the unit you should know about when it comes to fixing it. Sometimes units run too long and they freeze up if you’re running the air conditioner. What you are trying to avoid is not taking the service contract and then having someone come out and charge you for changing the thermostat battery.


Learn as much as you can about the unit so you can handle anything that doesn’t need major replacement. Get warranty and maintenance information. Once you get to know your brand, you will appreciate it and you can be one of the customers to vouch for it being a good unit and for Rusk Heating & Cooling begin great HVAC contractors.