Every spring, many families throughout the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas face an ongoing battle against seasonal allergy symptoms. Allergies aren’t just an “outdoor problem” – allergen exposure inside the home is responsible for symptoms as well! In our most recent blog, Rusk Heating & Cooling discusses ways to reduce indoor allergens through indoor air quality equipment and adjusting habits to improve the comfort and health of your household.

Reduce Indoor Allergens with IAQ Help

Allergens make their way into the home via open doors and windows, on shoes and clothing, and by other routes. Most homes lack in ventilation, which prevents fresh air exchange from outdoors to move these allergens out. Instead, they remain trapped indoors and concentrations increase, making exposure and allergy symptoms more frequent.

Indoor air quality equipment works with your home’s central heating and cooling system to control indoor allergens and conditions that cause them to build up inside your living areas. These whole home solutions eliminate troublesome allergens such as dust mites and pet dander across the home by treating the entire volume of indoor air, whereas portable models are only able to provide help in small areas. 

Air Purifiers

Whole home air purifiers control indoor allergens that circulate through your heating and air conditioning system as air cycles for heating or cooling. Media air cleaners use high-efficiency filters to trap allergen particles moving through the system, which removes them from your indoor air once and for all. This equipment can be up to 99 percent effective for the removal of airborne allergens and other air pollutants found inside the home, including pollen, pet dander, mold and dust mites. UV light air purifiers use ultraviolet energy to neutralize biological pollutants such as mold and mildew, which prevents them from causing allergy symptoms or spreading throughout the home.


Excess humidity inside the home is a common problem throughout the Midwest during the warmer months. High relative humidity levels contribute to mold and mildew growth, and causes dust mites to multiply and thrive. A whole home dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air inside your home as it circulates through the HVAC system. Dehumidifiers reduce allergens by controlling the environment and eliminating the humidity they need to survive and spread.

Habits That Help Control Indoor Allergens

In addition to the use of indoor air quality products, adjusting your habits can largely reduce indoor allergens. The tips below will help you limit allergen introduction into your home and effectively remove those that make their way inside.

  • Check the local pollen forecast regularly so you know what to expect each day. Keep doors and windows closed when the pollen count is high, and limit comings and goings to avoid tracking in more allergen particles from the outdoors.
  • Remove shoes before stepping inside the home and use door mats in entry areas to help collect any allergens that may be tracked in.
  • After spending time outdoors, change your clothing after coming inside, and wash it right away. Shower to reduce allergens tracked in on your hair and skin.
  • If you have pets that spend time outside, wipe down their coats and paws before they are allowed to come inside the home.
  • Groom pets regularly to help reduce animal dander levels inside the home. 
  • Wash all bedding, linens, and blankets in hot water and detergent at least once a week. Consider using mattress and pillow coverings to prevent their collection of dust mites and other allergens.
  • Vacuum floors and carpeting frequently – a vacuum model with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter can help you further control indoor allergens as you clean, as the filter will trap particles so they cannot recirculate back into your living areas.
  • Dust hard surfaces such as countertops, shelving, and furniture frequently to reduce indoor allergens that have fallen out of circulation and settle onto furniture and throughout the home.

Rusk Helps You Achieve Better Indoor Air Quality

Reduce indoor allergens this season with efficient indoor air quality equipment! Air purifiers and dehumidifiers transform your heating and cooling equipment into a powerful defense system against troublesome seasonal allergy symptoms. Rusk Heating & Cooling provides reliable installation of these products – request an estimate today to take action against spring allergies at home!