If your utility bills seem unusually high, it could have to do with the location of your thermostat. Where should you place your thermostat for optimal comfort and energy efficiency? Refer to this guide for ideas.

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First, we’ll take a look at thermostat placement don’ts:

  • DON’T position your thermostat in an area prone to temperature extremes
  • DON’T install a thermostat near doors or windows
  • DON’T place your thermostat on exterior walls, which usually run cool
  • DON’T put a thermostat in a hallway or infrequently used room

Here’s where you do want to put your thermostat:

  • DO place your thermostat in a commonly-used room
  • DO find an interior wall to put your thermostat on
  • DO make sure your thermostat is unimpeded by doorways, bookshelves and/or decor
  • DO consider upgrading to a smart thermostat

Following these guidelines will ensure your thermostat is properly positioned, keeping your home as comfortable as possible without increasing utility costs. If you’re unsure about the placement of your thermostat, call up the experts of Rusk Heating & Cooling today. Looking for more tips on heating, cooling and home comfort? Find us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube!