A thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. When your brain isn’t working properly, there’s a good chance nothing is working properly. The same is true for the thermostat. Bad thermostats can cause all sorts of problems, especially high heating bills. The heating and cooling professionals at Rusk share the tell-tale signs you need a new thermostat and your options for upgrading.

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Signs You Need a New Thermostat Installed in Your Home

Thermostats tend to respond instantly to changes. As soon as you adjust the thermostat, you hear your furnace turn on. Some thermostats just need to be repaired, but sometimes having a professional replace your thermostat is a better solution.  However, some thermostats are hard-wired into the wall, and the fix isn’t that easy. These are some common signs you need a thermostat replacement.

Heating and Cooling System Won’t Turn On or Off

Every year before you rely on your heater in the winter, or air conditioning in the summer, it’s a good idea to test your system. If you do not notice an immediate change, you could have many problems with your HVAC system. One common culprit is the thermostat. If your thermostat cannot engage the heater or the air conditioner to turn on or off, then replacing it is a good first thing to try. If you’ve replaced it and the thermostat still isn’t working, then you have other heating and cooling issues. Call the professionals at Rusk to help troubleshoot the source of the problem.

Thermostat Is Over 10 Years Old

Furnaces and air conditioners tend to last between 15-20 years. If you’ve replaced your furnace but not your thermostat, this is a big sign you need to replace your thermostat. Thermostats usually last around 10 years. It’s always a good idea to get a new thermostat when you upgrade your HVAC equipment to ensure that it is compatible. If you have a non-programmable thermostat, consider upgrading to a smart or programmable thermostat.

Controls Are Unlit and Unresponsive

Another sign of a malfunctioning thermostat is if it is not responding to your controls. If you have to hit the display multiple times for your screen to register your commands, then this could mean your thermostat is on its last legs. If you have a digital thermostat and the screen is not illuminating, then it could be dead. Some thermostats run on batteries, but others do not. If you’re experiencing unresponsive controls and your thermostat is hard-wired to the wall, then it’s time for an upgrade. 

Upgrade to a Programmable Smart Thermostat

If your thermostat isn’t working, you could replace it with a similar digital thermostat, or you could make your heating and cooling system smarter by upgrading to a smart thermostat.  A smart thermostat is a connected or communicating thermostat that allows you to create temperature settings on an automatic and programmable schedule. These schedules can be determined by weather conditions, heating and cooling needs, daily schedules, and when the house is unoccupied. These thermostats can connect to phones and virtual assistants so they can be controlled remotely or with voice commands.

Upgrading to a smart thermostat has its benefits. Some models of thermostats predict customers will save 10-12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs. Certain models can provide diagnostic capabilities to monitor your HVAC system and let you know if your unit needs maintenance. This makes operating the home thermostat easier than ever before.

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Heating and cooling issues are the worst. Luckily, replacing your home’s thermostat can solve a lot of these issues inexpensively. Call the HVAC professionals at Rusk Heating & Cooling to see if you are experiencing signs of a failing thermostat and other possible issues that are raising your heating bills. Our technicians are happy to answer all of your questions about smart thermostats and help you decide which brand would be best for you. Schedule service with Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati’s trusted HVAC team at Rusk today.