If you are having problems with your heating or cooling system, you should have it checked by a technician. If your system does not respond to temperature setting changes or runs for a long time and won’t turn off, it could be that your thermostat needs replaced. Here are a few signs that your thermostat may be causing issues with your system.

When you turn on the furnace or raise the temperature setting, the system should respond within a few minutes. Each system is different but you know that sound when the furnace kicks on and off. If there is no response after a reasonable amount of time. your thermostat may be the culprit. In addition to not turning on, you may also experience:

– Heating or cooling system won’t turn off
– The thermostat does not respond to temperature changes
– No lighting or display
– No air coming out of the vents

If you take care of your system and get regular maintenance checks, you won’t need to worry about major repairs because your tune-ups will catch most problems. Most likely it is that your thermostat is several years old and not able to regulate the temperature as efficiently as before. It could also be that your thermostat is near a window or source of heat (lamp, television, and etc.) that is affecting its ability to detect temperature fluctuations. If it is installed too close to a window or door, moving it to a better location may solve the problem.

If your thermostat works but does not maintain the temperature, it may just need a little tweaking to make it perform correctly. If it isn’t working at all, you probably need to replace it. Programmable thermostats allow you to set it to your exact comfort settings while saving money and using less energy overall.

If it looks like your thermostat has gone bad, contact the experts at Rusk Heating and Cooling. Call and get an estimate on a new digital programmable thermostat and stay cozy all winter long.