Uneven cooling issues in your home can be due to a number issues like your home’s age, problems with ducts and even dirty filters.

There’s nothing worse than going into one room and feeling a nice cool breeze, while others feel like a sauna. However, there are a few really good tips you can follow to resolve uneven cooling problems. Always seek out the help of a trained HVAC technician to perform the work.

1. Change Fan Setting From Auto To On

If you home is cooling unevenly, toggling the fan switch between auto and on can help. When the fan system is in the on position, it will circulate air even after the cooling cycle shuts off. This will help the air continue to circulate between the first and second floors of your house. If in the auto position, the fan will only cool the home when there is a call for it.

2. Fix Leaks In The Air Ducts

Air duct leaks can bleed off cool air before it reaches its destination. Inspect lines for leaks and holes. If you find them, they will need to be patched up immediately. Not only will leaks make your compressor work extra hard, leaks and holes will also lead to more problems with your unit.

3. Does Your Attic Require More Insulation?

Insulation keeps hot air out in summer and cold air out in winter. Get a professional to check your installation, so have the proper comfort year round. Lack of insulation can definitely make a huge difference in the amount of cool air felt between the upstairs and downstairs.

4. Use Your Air Vents Properly

It’s a good idea to look around to see if you have either dirty or blocked air vents. Use a vacuum hose if needed to suck out dirt and anything else blocking the vent. You can also redirect air by closing off a few vents. This can alleviate the pressure and lead to more even cooling.

If you are dealing with uneven cooling issues in your home, call on the professionals at Rusk Heating and Cooling. They offer free consultations.