One of the most important parts of Thanksgiving, aside from the mouth-watering food, is to make your guests feel right at home. After all, some of them will struggle to gather all the kids and pack into the car to travel for miles to get your house, so the last thing need is to walk into an inviting space. With that said, try to avoid these common holiday heating mistakes at all costs.

  1. You Crank Up The Heat So Everyone Is Warm: while there might be members of your family who prefer to hang out in what feels like a sauna, this won’t fly with everyone. Keep in mind that all of the cooking and all of the commotion will create heat so you’ll be able to get away turning the thermostat down a few degrees.

  2. You Don’t Account For Cool Drafts When The Door Is Open: if your main point of entry into the house is connected to the kitchen or the living room, keep in mind that cool air will flow through any time guests enter or exit the house. Try to limit the amount of time the door is open in order to keep everyone from getting a chill.

  3. You Forget To Adjust The Thermostat Before Bed: you’ve got lots on your mind when it comes to Turkey Day and remembering to adjust the thermostat just isn’t one of them. Well, that can be a mistake especially if you forget about it before the family heads off to bed. Remember, doctors suggest the optimal temperature for sleeping is between 60°F and 68°F.

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