Sitting around at home, you notice that you have been sneezing consecutively for the past few days. You feel drained, even though you had ample sleep. You feel a slight headache coming on and you feel like you can’t breathe. Here are a few things in your home that may have you feeling sick.


As air circulates around your home you may be inhaling dust with the circulating air. Odors, pollen, smoke, bacteria, and viruses can also circulate with the air. Air quality is as important as a well functioning Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit for your home. If you do not clean or replace your home’s air filters, this may be a reason why you are not feeling so well. As you inhale particles like dust, it will accumulate in your lungs causing a number of serious illnesses if left untreated.


Mold can be found anywhere in the home, especially in your ducts. If ducts are not cleaned and maintained, mold and other substances can affect your health as well. It can cause asthma and allergies in anyone exposed to it, including pets. Molds may be a reason why you are having a runny nose, sneezing, and perhaps maybe even the reason for that rash on your skin. Having your air ducts cleaned in your home is as important as having clean air filters for your home.


As with mold, mildew can also cause a series of illnesses. Mildew thrives in high humidity warm areas in the home. It can spread anywhere and can find its way to various surfaces around the home, including your food. Consider this to be one of the reasons for your headaches, itchy, and watery eyes.

High Humidity

In the summer, too much humidity can leave you feeling miserable. High levels of humidity can also cause allergies as well as bacterial growth in your home. Just like mold and dust, it can cause illnesses. If left unchecked, removing circulating bacterial growth yourself can be a hazardous and daunting task.

Low Humidity

Low humidity can also cause a variety of illnesses if left unchecked. During the winter months, your heater is cranked up high and it leaves the humidity in your home at low levels. This can cause irritations to the skin, nose, throat, and eyes. Not only can low levels of humidity cause health problems, but it can also cause your wooden doors or furniture to warp.

These are only a few things that can make you fall ill in your home. Whatever you find, contact experienced professionals like those of Rusk Heating and Cooling. Rusk Heating and Cooling offer a variety of services from maintenance to duct cleaning. What are you waiting for? Call them now, keep your home safe and your body healthy.