If you’ve experienced mold in your home, you’re probably aware of how much of an inconvenience it can be. When mold appears, whether it be in your bathroom, basement, or air conditioner, it’s usually due to excessive moisture. Preventing mold in your air conditioning system is important for your health and home.

Check out a few tips below on what you can do to prevent mold buildup.

Keep your AC running.
Mold loves to grow in humid, damp spaces. Leaving your air conditioning system off gives mold the perfect opportunity to find a home, especially when the weather gets warm. If you’re planning on taking a vacation this spring or summer, leaving your system on auto mode is the best way to go to prevent mold from growing while you’re on the road.

Regular maintenance.
If you haven’t examined the inside of your ac system to see if mold or water is present, it might be a good idea. Leaks, big or small can be the culprit of mold growth inside your system. Checking it regularly is the best way to ensure mold hasn’t made a home.

Clean your system.
Although you may not think so, dust, dirt, and debris formation on your ac system can lead to mold growing. The best way to rid your system of these particles is to use your vacuum cleaner to thoroughly remove it regularly throughout the week.

Following these tips should help keep mold out of your air conditioning system. Should you have any questions or need maintenance performed on your system, we encourage you to give Rusk Heating & Cooling a call. One of our trusty technicians will be over in no time to make sure your system is running up to par!

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