Many of the inefficiencies associated with heating and cooling your home are the result of century-old technologies. While they are effective, they aren’t efficient. New technologies in the form of wi-do thermostats are changing all of that and placing the control right into a homeowner’s smartphone for easy and convenient access.

How a Thermostat Works

A thermostat controls the temperature of your home by communicating with your home heating system to relay the desired temperature. For example, in homes that use hot water boilers to heat your home, the thermostat will transfer the desired temperature to the hot water boiler and adjust your home’s temperature as needed.

Increasingly, new technologies such as wi-fi and the internet, are greatly expanding the functionality and efficiency of your HVAC system with wi-fi thermostats.

What are Wi-Fi Thermostats

New innovations are making it possible to remotely control the home thermostat through your smartphone. This provides much greater flexibility to you if you are away from your home on vacation or simply in the office. You can remotely set temperatures that keep your pets at the right temperature, or can more efficiently heat your home in a convenient way to minimize your heating and cooling costs.

No longer will you need to overheat your home to prevent pipes from freezing while you are away on a winter vacation. Instead, you can adjust the temperature to a reasonable level and amidst of there is a sudden arctic blast lowering temperatures in Covington.

Installing a Wi-Fi Thermostat

You don’t want to install a wi-fi thermostat yourself and are much better off if you leave it in the hands of an experienced contractor. It can be hard to find someone with a significant amount of experience with wi-fi thermometers but thankfully Rusk Heating & Cooling is available in the Covington and Northern Kentucky region and can provide their expertise.

Rusk Heating & Cooling have experience installing and monitoring a wide range of wi-do thermostats and can provide you with their expertise and help to ensure your unit is being used effectively so you can reap the benefits of the modern way to heat and cool your homes.