Dust in and of itself is not an allergen according to the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University. However, dust mites that feed on dead skin are commonly found in pillows and mattresses can be part of the debris found in residential air ducts by professional services performing air duct cleaning.

Proponents for air duct cleaning argue that allergies in the young and elderly are in particular increased when air ducts are not cleaned with regular consistency.

The US Department of Energy is noted to assert that over 30 percent of HVAC efficiency is lost when systems are not properly maintained. This results in clogged filters, uneven temperatures throughout a home and higher cost to consumers because of the added work put on HVAC systems.

Rusk Heating & Cooling has been serving the greater Covington Northern Kentucky area with quality heating and cooling contracting service for over 150 years. They can remove from your HVAC system the dust, mildew, pollen, debris and dust mites that have collected over time with their high-powered vacuum systems. Their trained professionals understand and share your desire for uniform temperatures throughout your home. They will assist with creating an efficient working system, resulting in lower cost and reduced reactions to allergens.

Rusk Heating & Cooling may be contacted by phone during normal weekday business hours.

They may also be reached online through their website, as above. It is recommended your air ducts and HVAC system is serviced professionally at least every two years by a qualified professional service.