If your home feels more like a steam bath than the refreshing oasis it should be during the hot summer months, you may be tempted to keep your air conditioner running all day. But before you flip the switch, the professionals at Rusk Heating & Cooling want you to know about the potential health risks that continuous use can bring.

Potential Health Risks

The use of air conditioning is not specifically linked to illness and doctors often recommend their use to their patients with allergies or respiratory disease. With the right filters, an air conditioner can improve indoor air quality by removing pollen, dust and other outdoor pollutants from your air.

But because air conditioners recirculate air, letting it run continuously may not allow for an optimal level of natural ventilation and if your system isn’t well-maintained, it can build up moisture that encourages the growth of mold and bacteria that can make symptoms worse.

Using Your Air Conditioner Safely

The key to having both healthy indoor air quality and a cool, comfortable summer is a clean and efficient air conditioning system. These tips will help you use your use your system safely.

– Ensure your home is well-ventilated. Take advantage of cooler evenings and nights to turn off your air conditioner and open windows.

– Clean and replace your air conditioner’s filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

– Have your system maintained regularly. An annual check-up for your air conditioner may save a visit to the doctor for you!

Nothing takes the fun out of summer faster than the heat and humidity that make you feel hot, sticky and uncomfortable. Contact the air conditioning experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling. They can help turn your home into the comfortable and healthy refuge you deserve.