Furnace Repair in Florence, KY

Signs That Your Furnace is Experiencing Issues

Lack of Heat

It’s no secret that a complete lack of heat indicates a furnace issue. However, the severity of the issue can vary, depending on the root cause of the problem. For example, if the furnace still appears to be running, but your home’s temperature isn’t rising, there might be obstructions that are restricting airflow. However, if the furnace isn’t turning on at all, there could be internal issues that are preventing power from reaching the system.

Contact Rusk Heating and Cooling to have a professional come out and inspect your system to determine if repairs are needed in your Florence, KY home.

Rising Heating Bills

Generally, heating bills rise due to poor efficiency. The less efficient a furnace is, the longer it’ll need to stay on to raise your home’s temperature. Your heating bills will rise as your furnace stays on for longer periods of time in an effort to raise the home’s temperature. Repairs can restore system efficiency and help you lower your heating bills back to normal.

Loud Sounds

Outside of when the system initially turns on, you shouldn’t notice much noise coming from your furnace. If you do, there could be issues within the system that can eventually lead to performance issues. Upon hearing any strange screeching, buzzing, or banging noises, be sure to contact a trusted heating expert.

Strange Smells

When you turn your furnace on for the first time of the year, you might immediately notice a burning smell. This is likely due to dust burning that has accumulated on the system during the months when the system wasn’t in use. However, if strange smells continue to occur, there are likely issues that need to be addressed.

Furnace Repair Vs. Replacement

For many furnace issues, it can be tough to decide whether repair or replacement is best. That’s why you shouldn’t make these decisions on your own.

Before deciding between repairing or replacing your system, it’s important to contact an experienced technician. They’ll inspect your system and provide you with recommendations regarding the next steps.

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