Heat Pump Installation in Norwood, Ohio

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Rather than creating heat as a furnace does, heat pumps transfer heat to and away from your home. This is a much simpler and more efficient process than found in other types of HVAC equipment.

During the heating process, thermal energy from the outdoor air is pressurized and transferred through refrigerant to the inside of your home. The indoor unit releases this stored energy to warm your home.

When the spring arrives, a valve reverses the process, causing energy from the indoor air to be pressurized and transferred outside of the home. This removes the heat from inside your home and releases the energy outside to lower the indoor air temperature.

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Benefits Provided By Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are uniquely designed to both heat and cool your home. They provide homeowners with a variety of benefits including:

Flexible Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps are able to provide cool air during the summer months and warm air during the winter months, meaning that you only have to rely on a single system to provide year-round comfort throughout the home. While the coldest days of the year will require a supplemental heating system, your heating and cooling needs will be covered by a single system for the majority of the year.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a crucial factor to consider. Heat pumps are highly efficient systems that require less energy to operate, given their simpler operation. This reduces your carbon footprint and leads to lower energy bills.

Runs Quietly

When the system first turns on, you might be able to hear it. However, when in the middle of a cycle, heat pumps are often very quiet. Heat pumps are typically far quieter than furnaces and air conditioners, staying at whisper-quiet noise levels throughout the day.

Lower Costs

Because heat pumps are among the most efficient types of HVAC equipment, you’ll notice far lower energy costs than you would with another unit. While the initial cost of installing the system might be higher than other units, you’ll make up the difference down the road in the form of heating and cooling savings.

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Our attention to detail is in a league of its own. Although you might be unfamiliar with how heat pumps operate, our team can educate you on their usage and how to use the equipment most efficiently. If you ever feel like your heat pump isn’t working properly, you can always count on Rusk for quality heat pump repairs to restore your system to proper working condition.

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