Sharonville, OH Furnace Repair

Signs Your Furnace Needs Repairs

If you wonder whether your furnace needs repairs, the following list can help answer that question. If your furnace needs repair, we offer next day installation as part of our customer service commitment.

No Heat

When a furnace does not produce heat, the problem can be a range of things. Sometimes, the pilot light is out, or the burner unit has failed. Give us a call to accurately diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for repairs.

System Runs Constantly

A furnace should not run constantly. When furnaces run constantly, there is some disconnect between the thermostat and the furnace. Another issue can be that the on/off switch has failed.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when the furnace turns on and off frequently – every few minutes. That problem needs to be fixed quickly as the constant on-off cycle can damage the furnace. Generally, it is something small, like an issue with the thermostat.

Odd Noises

Any odd noise you hear from your furnace is a big clue that something is not working correctly. Give us a call to investigate the cause of the noise. Doing so is your best bet to prevent a more significant issue. Often, odd noises are either a failing part or something loose that needs minor repair. Catching it early can save hundreds of dollars in repair charges.

Unusual Odors

Strange odors coming from the furnace also need to be investigated quickly. They could be something dangerous such as a gas leak or high CO2 levels, or something more minor such as mold or mildew in the duct work. Either way, it is a safety issue. Give us a call for rapid response and accurate diagnostics.

Thermostat Isn’t Working

Thermostats last from five-ten years. If the thermostat that controls your furnace is not working, it is an easy service call to repair or replace it. You also have more options to upgrade to a modern thermostat too.

Do I Need To Repair or Replace My Furnace?

When the furnace breaks, there is always the possibility that the unit can be repaired, but sometimes it is better and more cost-efficient to replace the unit. So how do you know when you need to repair or replace your furnace? The following issues help you make that decision.

It’s Better To Repair Your Furnace If…

One of the most significant indicators to determine if you should repair the furnace is its age. Therefore, paying for extensive service does not make much sense when the furnace is at the end of its life cycle. If the furnace is under ten years of age, consider repairing it. Generally, a furnace will last as long as 15 years.

If the warranty is still active, repairing the unit is a good idea. If there have been few significant repair calls in the last few years, it may be better to service the unit than replace it. Also, if the unit has been regularly serviced and maintained, it is probably in good shape, other than its current issue.

It’s Better To Replace Your Furnace If…

If the unit is older than ten years, it may be more cost-effective to replace the unit. Likewise, if it often breaks and requires service, it is time to replace the unit. Finally, if you face a significant repair and a warranty no longer covers the unit, it may be an excellent financial move to replace it. Our Installation team is fast and accurate while delivering exceptional quality.


Sign Up For The Rusk Maintenance Agreement

As a family owned company, RUSK is committed to serving the locally owned Cincinnati community. We offer a maintenance agreement that offers many benefits to our customers. Our maintenance agreement consists of monthly great service for your furnace and other benefits that help make furnace maintenance, service, and replacement more affordable. Here are some of the benefits you gain with a Rusk Maintenance Agreement:

  • Regular maintenance, which means fewer breakdowns and more efficient heating
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Call Rusk For Your Sharonville, OH Furnace Repair Service

For all of your Sharonville, OH furnace repairs and service, call on our HVAC experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling. We are a customer-focused heating cooling company that provides affordable, convenient, and professional heating cooling services throughout the Cincinnati community. We respond quickly, professional factory-level furnace care, service, routine maintenance, repair, and complete replacement. Financing is available as the value-added maintenance contract makes caring for your furnace affordable and comprehensive.