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Why Is My Boiler Leaking?

Picture this: you head down the stairs into your basement and notice there's a pool of water on the floor around your boiler. You grab a towel to wipe up the mess only to return a few hours later to water on the floor, yet again. You ask yourself "why is my boiler leaking and what needs to be done to get it fixed?" Why Is My Boiler Leaking? | Boiler Repairs Cincinnati | Rusk Heating & Cooling What Causes Boilers To Leak? In most situations, a boiler leak is due to an internal component that has failed. Oftentimes, it's a broken seal or a faulty valve that causes water to spill out of the equipment, but there are a number of other reasons that we'll discuss below.
  • Pressure Problems: all boilers come equipped with a pressure outlet pipe. It's the job of this pipe to allow pressure built up inside the boiler to escape and as a result, water may drip out from time to time. If you find substantial amounts of water coming from this pipe, check the pressure gauge on the side of the tank which will tell you if the pressure is the root of the problem.
  • Faulty Seals: with a broken or damaged seal, water can escape even under normal conditions. Check the seals and have them replaced in order to fix the problem.
  • Cracks in the Metal: just like many other pieces of equipment in your home, boilers won't last forever. As they age, the metal can undergo stress and fatigue and can ultimately crack. If you notice cracks, it may be a wiser decision to have the system replaced rather than have it repaired.
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