24-Hour Emergency Furnace Services

Emergency Furnace Repair

Rusk can provide the best customer comfort solutions for homeowners. In certain emergency cases, it is still possible to fix your heating system with the necessary repairs. As long as the HVAC system can be repaired for less money than a replacement, we’ll do the job.

Here’s what signs to look out for if you’re concerned you need emergency furnace repair:

Electrical Issues

Electrical buzzing and humming, and breaker trips are signs you need emergency HVAC repair. Our specialized team can spot these issues and fix them right away.

Your pilot light needs to be blue as well. If you have a yellow or orange light, that can mean your heating system is emitting harmful carbon monoxide gas. We will be able to troubleshoot your pilot light and fix this problem to make sure your pilot light is burning correctly.

Loud Furnace Noises

If you hear loud banging and clanging noises coming from your furnace, that means something is loose or faulty. Rattling noises can be due to loose panels that need tightening.

Popping noises can be due to ductwork. These noises need to be addressed by our certified technicians.

Strange Odor

One of the worst warning signs of emergency furnace services is the smell of a gas leak.

Professionals will be able to assess the situation of an emergency. Our repair team will shut down your heating system immediately to avoid combustion gas leaking into your home and starting a fire.

Emergency Furnace Replacement

Sometimes, during emergency furnace services, the repair costs become so high that it is more cost-effective to replace your heating system. Rusk’s technicians are trained and experienced in emergency furnace replacement. We’ll come to your property and take a look at the following concerns:

Age of Furnace

An older furnace will not be able to perform as well as a new one.

If your heating system is over 15 years old and has gone through emergency furnace services, it may not have much life left to give. Our team will be able to replace your furnace during an emergency.

Poorly Circulated Warm Air

The purpose of your heating system is to provide warmth during the cold season.

If your furnace constantly stops producing warm air, you may need to have your furnace replaced. Our team will be able to fix this issue any time of day or year.

Sounds And Smell Off

Persistent screeching sounds and strange smells can be dangerous.

If strange sounds or odors are constantly occurring, you should consider having your furnace replaced. Rusk is trained in identifying the cause of these sounds and smells and determining their severity.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans From Risk

The easiest way to avoid requiring emergency HVAC services is to join a preventative maintenance plan. Rusk can help you avoid a disaster in your home and give you peace of mind.

Making sure your heating system and other HVAC systems are running smoothly will give you the comfort of knowing your machinery will not break down on you when you need it most. Join our HVAC maintenance plan, and you will enjoy the convenience of 24-hour emergency services all year long and fewer worries about your system.

Our HVAC maintenance plan will also help you save money. It not only provides discounts on repair services but will also reduce your monthly cooling and heating costs. Routine maintenance will help to reduce your energy bill. You will also save money by lowering the number of times you call to have your HVAC systems repaired.

Our team will extend the life of your equipment. Regularly receiving HVAC maintenance allows our professionals to check for any issues upfront and fix them immediately. This will keep your equipment running longer and you will not have to pay for replacements.

Contact Rusk For 24-Hour Emergency Furnace Services

Heating system emergencies are a serious issue. If you need emergency furnace services, look no further than Rusk. We will gladly be able to assist you anytime — at night, on weekends, and even on holidays. Schedule services so we can take care of your needs immediately.