It’s cold out there. Real cold. And if you’re not a Rusk Heating & Cooling customer, your home may not be as warm as you’d like it to be.

When your bedroom is too chilly, your quality of sleep can be compromised. We don’t want that to happen to you! Let’s discuss how to sleep comfortable on a cold night.

1. Wear the right PJs

According to the UK Sleep Council, natural fibers — like wool, cotton and silk — are better at keeping you warm than synthetic materials. Look at the tags on your pajamas to figure out what they’re made of. It can make a big difference!

2. Use a hot water bottleSleeping Man
This old-fashioned trick really works. Keep a hot water bottle by the foot of your bed for a little extra warmth on cold nights. As Life Hacker points out, it “won’t need to be turned off like a space heater or electric blanket.” Warmer and safer!

3. Make a draft stopper

Also known as a draft dodger or draft snake, this handy guy will prevent drafts from entering your bedroom. Simply place one at the button of your door or window to block out chilly air. Click the link for instructions on how to make your own!

Tired of trying to figure out how to sleep comfortably on a cold night? Then call the experts of Rusk Heating & Cooling! We’ll keep you cool and comfortable on hot summer days, and warm and cozy on cold winter nights.