Regular A/C Maintenance, Yes or No?

If you ever wondered “Hmm, do I really need regular maintenance on my A/C unit”, the answer is a resounding yes! Maintenance is crucial to having your unit perform properly and efficiently. If done on a regular basis, serious problems can be prevented by saving you time and money by avoiding costly repairs.

Starting a maintenance contract and having a licensed technician from Rusk Heating & Cooling can be a good option. Changing filters, checking pressures, and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils are some of the few methods used to complete a maintenance.

What could happen without regular maintenance?

As stated before regular maintenance can help to avoid major problems in a unit. Take for example the drain line for you’re A/C unit, when the evaporator is cooling hot air from your house it creates a condensate (water), then it travels down the drain line and out of your house, and everyone is happy. Say if regular maintenance wasn’t completed on this unit, buildup in the drain line over time would block the line completely causing water to overflow, possibly shutting down the A/C or causing water damage to that area of your property. During a maintenance, the drain is checked for clogs and cleaned.

What is done during regular maintenance?

During regular maintenance by a certified technician, all the following should be completed:

  • Change air filters: to improve air quality, and airflow

  • Clean condenser coil: to ensure proper heat exchangeto cool the refrigerant gas

  • Check the fan belts (if applicable) replace if needed

  • Clean evaporator coil

  • Clear condensate drains: to prevent clogs

  • Check for any abnormal electrical components

  • Check the operating pressure of the unit. (High and Low side)

Regular maintenance is essential for an A/C unit. It can prevent major problems within a system and your property. Contact us todat and have Rusk be the ones to change filters, clean coils, and check other components in your system. For more information visit Rusk Heating & Cooling at