You’ve probably heard about counterfeit pocketbooks or counterfeit watches, but counterfeit air conditioning coolant? Yes, you heard right. There are a number of companies out there producing off-brands and unapproved refrigerants that can pose a real threat. Find out more below: R-22 was the type of coolant used in most air conditioning systems just a handful of years back. And while it’s being phased out, some older systems still run on R-22, or Freon, and it can severely damage your air conditioning system. Since production of R-22 ceased back in 2010, manufacturing has decreased which has driven prices up. And while most systems installed today upgraded to a much safer R-410a refrigerant, there are still hundreds of systems out there that operate on R-22. The result of all this? Well, since manufacturing has gone down and prices have increased, a few companies took it upon themselves to create their own version of the coolant. A few of the unsafe, highly flammable refrigerants are known as HC-12a, HC-22a, HC-501, ES 22a and ES 502a do not meet EPA requirements and should be avoided. If you’re not sure if your system is using the right coolant, contact the experts at Rusk Heating & Cooling today! The expert technicians at Rusk believe that your safety comes first! Picking the right company to do business with is key and you can always rely on our team of factory-trained professionals to get the job done right!