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How Our Geothermal Cooling Works How Our Geothermal Cooling WorksJun 27

Summer is officially here and it’s time to think about how to stay cool. As a homeowner, you should also be thinking about the most cost-effective way as well. Not to toot our own horn, but we here at Rusk do install new home cooling systems of various kinds. Instead of …

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  • Should I Set My A/C On or Off When On Vacation?Jun 26Summer is upon us! What does that mean? Well, kids are out of school, the weather is warm and of course its time for vacations. Whether you plan a …

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  • Can A/C Units Freeze During Summer?Jun 18The Reasons Air Conditioners Freeze During The Summer Months The Summer Heat Most people enjoy relaxing in a nice, cool home in the summer. Those hot …

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  • Is Regular A/C Maintenance Really Necessary? Jun 15Regular A/C Maintenance, Yes or No? If you ever wondered “Hmm, do I really need regular maintenance on my A/C unit”, the answer is a resounding yes! …

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  • How Long Has Indoor A/C Been Around?Jun 08Bring On The Heat The human body can only bear so much heat. So creating a bearable human habitat has been an ongoing concern since ancient times. …

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  • Check for Window Air Leaks Before SummerJun 04According to the Department of Energy, the heating and cooling account for more than half of the energy that is used in an average home in the United …

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