We at Rusk Heating & Cooling are immensely proud of our 150-year history of honest, quality service. That’s right — we were founded back in 1865, but back then people knew us as The Montgomery Coal Company. While our name has changed, our commitment to our customers hasn’t.
Rusk Storefront & Vans
In the mid-19th century, The Montgomery Coal Company supplied most of Northern Kentucky with coal and fuel oil for business and home furnaces. Business thrived up until World War II.

By 1946, Fred Dietz, Jr., Thomas Rankin “Doc” Rusk and Leonard “Bo” Badenberg formed The Montgomery Coal Company’s heating division. In 1949, they began servicing residential and commercial air conditioning units as well.

The Montgomery Coal Company sold its coal and oil business in 1973 and changed its name to Doc Rusk Heating and Air Conditioning. The business also relocated, granting easier access to locations in Greater Covington and Northern Kentucky area.

In 1999, Roto-Rooter, in the midst of a nationwide expansion into the home heating and air conditioning business, made an offer that the family couldn’t pass up. Doc Rusk Heating and Air Conditioning was sold — temporarily.

As it turns out, managing a locally-driven heating and air conditioning business wasn’t so easy for Roto-Rooter. That’s why in February 2002, Steve Morrison, fourth generation owner, bought back Rusk Heating and Air Conditioning. He still runs it today!

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