Just because your boiler is getting old doesn’t mean it’s necessarily time for a replacement! There are several factors to consider, including efficiency and repair costs.
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If you notice any of the following warning signs, you should replace your old boiler:

Decreased efficiency. With routine maintenance and care, even an old boiler can run smoothly and fairly efficiently. However, failing to provide your equipment with the TLC it needs can make it less efficient. The result? Your boiler will have to work harder to make your home warm, causing your energy bills to soar. A newer system will have improved efficiency, helping to lower your bills.

Frequent repairs. Inadequate maintenance will also increase your boiler’s risk of malfunction. Difficult as it may be to part with your old equipment, if you’re constantly pouring money into repairs, you’re probably wasting a lot of money. Purchasing new boiler is probably a wiser investment in this situation.

Inconsistent room temperatures. According to ENERGY STAR, if some rooms in your home are too warm or too cool, poor equipment operation could be the problem. But first, make sure that your home is properly insulated. If you’re not sure what the root of the problem is, call in Rusk Heating & Cooling for a professional inspection.

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