If you live in a two-story home, you may have noticed that the second floor is significantly hotter than the first floor.

This is typically an issue during hot weather you may notice. The heat fills up the rooms and it remains until the end of the day. Sometimes the heat lasts until later in the night, which makes sleeping difficult. Why do the upstairs bedrooms get so hot?

Scientific Reason:

Warm air rises and the naturally warm air is going to rise to the highest floor. If you have an HVAC unit on the first floor, hot air has to be pushed out so cool air can enter a room.


The reason that rooms on the second floor become significantly warmer than downstairs can also be due to having an attic right next to the rooms. When the sun shines down on the roof of your home, the heat of the sun rays flows into the attic, eventually flowing out into the rooms nearby. A way to solve this problem is by improving the attic’s insulation system so that the entire home can be cool, not just the first floor. Professionals like Rusk Heating & Cooling specialize in installing a dependable and high-quality indoor system that will give the best all-around cooling to your home.

Clogged Air Filter:

​​​​​​It is unusual for air conditioners to be located on the second floor, which means that the rooms on the second floor are far away from the air system’s handler. This can become a problem when an air filter is clogged, restricting airflow to your system. By contacting Rusk Heating & Cooling, you can schedule tune-ups, have your system cleaned, and replace air filters.

You do not have to have a horrible night’s sleep because of the extra heat in your bedrooms on the second floor. Maintaining your air system and improving the overall insulation of your home can solve your problem. By contacting Rusk Heating & Cooling, you can get a free consultation and figure out exactly what you need.