Cincinnati, OH Boiler Installation

How A Boiler Works

Explain the difference between a boiler and a furnace. Show the differences between how they work and why someone might consider choosing a boiler over a furnace. A boiler system is a closed and pressurized system where a central boiler or kettle heats water and then either the water or steam produced, is shuttled through piping to radiators where they transfer heat to rooms in a home or system. Despite the name, a boiler system usually does not boil water -merely heats it.

Rusk Heating & Cooling is your local boiler repair and boiler services company. We’ve served Cincinnati OH for over 150 years. While the faces here have changed, we are still committed to providing each customer with high-quality boiler services – including boiler maintenance services, repair service, and full installation services.

Benefits of a Boiler

As one of the oldest ways to heat homes and businesses, boiler systems have one of the highest energy efficiency ratings. Whether it is old boilers, or a modern boiler system, it offers many benefits for heating and keeping your home comfort level just where you want it. Here are some of the benefits of boiler heating systems.

More Energy Efficient

It is hard to beat the energy efficiency of a boiler. The gentle radiating heating is ideal for keeping homes at the perfect ambient temperature. Even in new homes where other heating options are common, a boiler system can drop the cost of heating your home.

Longer Lifespan

Generally, a boiler system lasts for about 15 years. The oldest steam heating system in the US is over 140 years old and still functioning. That speaks a lot about the value of boiler maintenance and repair services. With quality maintenance from RUSK you can expect a new boiler to last 15 years or longer.

Quiet Operation

Because there is no forced air to deal with, a boiler heating system is very quiet. Modern boilers can be powered by natural gas or electricity and most have very high energy consumption ratings meaning they use less energy to heat your home or business. Regular boiler services will help keep your boiler running efficiently and quietly.

Even Distribution of Heat

An HVAC system work exchanging cold air in a room with hot air from the duct work. A boiler radiates warmth within a room causing the air in the room to warm evenly. It is a wonderful way to enjoy a home comfort level that is just where you want it be. Plus, because boilers to not move air, there are fewer airborne allergens in the air you breath.

Less Maintenance

Boiler maintenance involves the actual boiler system. There are no filters to change, no ducts to repair or clean, and a boiler maintenance program is annual, rather than monthly.

With a boiler heating systems, you save money because:

  • You are not buying expensive filters every month
  • You are not having to replace filters every month or pay a service to replace or clean your HVAC filters
  • The is better indoor air quality so you usually do not need special equipment such as air purifiers
  • The boiler does not affect the humidity of a room so the air is warm but not overly dry

Boilers are an excellent fit for Cincinnati home heating. They need fewer repairs and they are appropriate for a home or business. If you are looking for an efficient way to heat larger spaces, consider boiler installation as your best option.

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Rusk Heating & Cooling provides local boiler care and installation service to the communities around Cincinnati, OH. From new install projects to emergency repairs, we are you first choice in quality boiler care and maintenance. Please call Rusk heating and Cooling for all of your boiler repair needs. Talk with us about increasing the energy efficiency of your heating system and the cost-saving values we’ve developed for our customers.