Cincinnati, OH Furnace Repair

Signs That You Need Furnace Repairs in Cincinnati, OH

If you ever notice your Cincinnati heating system isn’t working properly, contact a Rusk technician to diagnose your system and provide professional advice. Some of the symptoms of a broken or damaged heating system can point to a more significant issue that can be dangerous if left unattended.

Low Indoor Air Quality

Low indoor air quality leads to allergies, illness, dry skin, and even fatigue. You may also notice a build-up of dust around the home. Low indoor air quality can be caused by a dirty, clogged, or damaged air filter. Be sure you’re changing your filter every 3 months.

However, if your problem isn’t going away after changing filters, something else may be wrong. We want your family to breathe easy. Call our professional furnace repair in Cincinnati, OH, to diagnose the problem and fix your unit.

Poor Overall Heating

If your house has different temperatures in different rooms, it’s likely your furnace is generating uneven heat. It’s an annoying issue, but also a costly one. Your furnace is straining to do its job, meaning higher energy bills and potentially causing more internal damage. Your furnace will need servicing to prevent a complete breakdown.

The Furnace Won’t Start

If your heating system isn’t starting up, there’s an issue. A few possible culprits include the unit’s blow motor, pilot light, thermostat, or condensate pan. Call on our Rusk technicians to take care of your problem right away.

Strange Smells Coming From the Heating System

Keep your nose open for:

  • Rotten egg smells
  • Metallic or electrical burning
  • Smell of dust burning long after your furnace turned on

All are signs of damage. Immediately call in for inspection and repair service to keep your family safe and your furnace running.

The Heating System Makes Loud or Strange Noises

You should never hear a banging, grinding, or whirring noise coming from your unit. If you do, your problem could be something minor, like a loose part. But it could also indicate a much larger issue. Either way, it’s time to schedule an appointment for furnace repair in the Cincinnati, OH area.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans From Rusk

Rusk preventative maintenance plans offer savings on services, extended warranties, priority status on repairs and installations, discounts on service calls, and more. Maintenance plans are ultimately about sustaining your air conditioning and heating systems and helping to keep your bills down and having fewer heating repairs. We have a plan suitable for every household budget. Our top priority is ensuring all our customers stay safe and comfortable all season long.

Contact Rusk for Furnace Repair in Cincinnati

If you’re concerned your furnace won’t last through the winter, or you want a professional inspection, call Rusk today and speak with one of our HVAC experts. No homeowner should have to worry about their furnace’s condition. And at Rusk, we make sure you never will.

Save time and money when you schedule service on the phone or online with any of our locations surrounding the Cincinnati, OH, area.