Kenwood, OH Furnace Installation

Why Have a New Furnace Installed?

We understand that the idea of a new furnace installation can seem daunting to a homeowner. However, an inefficient furnace does more than make you uncomfortable in the cold; it can also affect your pocketbook. There are various good reasons to have a new furnace installed, including:

  • Your heating system is between 15-20 years old
  • You’re remodeling your home and want to upgrade
  • Your current heating system does not run efficiently
  • You’re tired of paying sky-high energy bills for heating
  • Your heating system lacks sufficient power to heat your entire home
  • You’re building a house from the ground up and need a new heating system
  • You’ve needed frequent repairs on your current heating system

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The Furnace Installation Process

Don’t let anyone convince you that furnace installation isn’t complicated; it is. Unlike refrigerators or most other appliances, furnaces cannot be simply plugged-in and turned on. The process involves:

  • Pre-planning
  • Assessing
  • Ensuring proper equipment ordering
  • Removal of the old system
  • Installation of the new system
  • Performing various necessary safety checks

Unless you are highly familiar with the inner working of your home’s HVAC systems, we always recommend working with a professional team.

Planning the Project – What We Will Do

Considerable planning and testing must occur during a new furnace installation or replacement service. Here are a few of the things our trained technicians will do to ensure your furnace will run optimally for years to come.

  1. Your home’s electrical load will need to be calculated, considering variables including insulation, square footage, window quality and other factors that impact the strength of the furnace you require to maintain your home’s comfort and safety.
  2. The ductwork system must be assessed to ensure that it is sealed correctly and is the proper size to facilitate the airflow created by the new heating system. Our technicians will consider the furnace’s supply to the air ducts and the return supply that feeds into the furnace’s blower.
  3. If applicable, the lead technician also must ensure that there is room to install the new furnace where the old furnace currently exists.
  4. Furthermore, all gas lines and electrical wiring must be checked to ensure safety and compatibility with a new installation. In specific locations, old, galvanized gas piping is illegal now and needs to be replaced.
  5. Finally, depending on the furnace model being installed, you may require a new PVC drain line, chimney flue liner, or other equipment to be installed before the new furnace can be used.

Installation Procedure

On the day your furnace is installed, your HVAC technician will review the details of your new equipment with you, ensuring there’s no confusion about what you’re getting.

The installation crew will place floor coverings where they will be traveling, and then the installation can begin. The process involves:

  • Disconnection and removal of the existing furnace and accessories
  • Examination of existing ductwork and making any necessary repairs
  • Connecting gas lines to the new furnace and installing shut-off valves
  • Connecting electrical lines to the control board and installing a thermostat
  • Turning on power and gas and testing the system to ensure safe operation

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