Kenwood, OH Furnace Repair

Troubleshooting Your Furnace

Suppose your home’s heating system isn’t behaving correctly. In that case, the smartest thing to do is to contact Rusk so that one of our expert technicians can come and assess your equipment and give you accurate, honest reporting about its condition. In the meantime, here are some of the common signs to look for that mean you might need furnace repair services.

Heating system will not turn on

If your furnace doesn’t turn on, it could be dangerous, especially if the temperatures dip below freezing at night. Some reasons that it may fail to power on include:

  • A clogged or dirty filter
  • A blown blower motor
  • A dysfunctional pilot
  • light
  • An inaccurate thermostat
  • Faulty circuit breakers
  • A malfunctioning condensate pan

Energy bills are breaking the bank

How were your heating bills last winter? Did you notice a spike in them from the year before? If so, this is a common sign that something is not working right with your furnace or heating system and that you need to have a professional inspect it for you. The longer you wait to have the situation diagnosed, the more money you will likely spend on necessary repairs in the future.

Strange odors or noises

A properly functioning heating system will run quietly, efficiently, and with a slight vibration. It’s natural for furnaces to make a bit of noise when cycling on or off, but incessantly noisy systems indicate problems. If you hear squealing, rattling, banging, or other strange noises, contact one of our professional HVAC technicians to come and diagnose your system right away.

Likewise, if you notice strange or stinky odors emanating from your furnace, it could be that dirt, grime, dust, or other loose particles are accumulating and smoldering. That can be dangerous! Contact the experts at Rusk today and let us come and remedy the situation to keep your family safe and protect the lifespan of your furnace.

Some areas of your home are colder than others

Cool spots in your home can signal a malfunctioning furnace or disrupted airflow. Weak airflow in the heating system can be caused by several possibilities, including clogged filters, leaking ductwork, improper installation or undersized or oversized ductwork. Our HVAC professionals will assess your system and advise you on which steps you need to take next.

Gas pilot light will not stay lit

A gas pilot light that will not stay lit is a common problem that many homeowners experience, especially during drafty winter days. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with the furnace, but other times, a malfunctioning pilot light could be a serious issue that demands professional attention.

As a good rule of thumb, if your pilot light goes out more than once a month, you may have a malfunctioning thermocouple. Let us come and analyze the situation for you or recommend repairs or replacements, as necessary.

Rusk Heating and Cooling’s Maintenance Plans

As a fourth-generation, family owned company, Rusk Heating and Cooling understands how busy you are keeping your family safe and comfortable. Sometimes, necessary tasks like repairing your furnace can escape you and get lost in the shuffle of life. It’s OK. We have you covered!

When you enroll in a Rusk maintenance plan, we’ll send you a convenient reminder when it’s time for a furnace tune up or other HVAC service. Some of the various benefits associated with our maintenance plans include:

  • Steep discounts on all of our repair services
  • Increasing your home’s heating and cooling capacity
  • Reducing your expenses for monthly heating and cooling
  • Same-day service as a priority customer, anytime you need it
  • A fully transferable agreement that adds value to your home if you sell

Further, when you enroll in one of our customizable maintenance plans, you’ll enjoy 24/7/365 emergency service at regular service fees.

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