Heat Pump Installation in Sharonville, OH

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

While most heating and AC systems create warm or cool air, respectively, heat pumps simply move warm air from one location to another. Essentially, during winter, the system will collect thermal energy from the outdoor air and bring it back inside to heat your home. In the summer, the process is reversed, and thermal energy is removed from your home and pumped outside. This extremely simple process allows for greater efficiency and results in lower heating and cooling costs.

To install a heat pump in your Sharonville area home, get in touch with Rusk. Our team is backed by years of experience, and we’d be happy to match you with the right system for your needs.

Benefits Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are unique from all other types of HVAC equipment in that they provide both heating and cooling, but that is far from the only benefit. Installing a heat pump in your Sharonville area home can provide benefits such as:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Homeowners that are looking for the most efficient way to keep their home at a proper temperature can look towards heat pumps. These units offer exceptional reliability, while also operating more efficiently than virtually any other system. If you maintain bi-annual maintenance on your heat pump, you can expect your energy efficiency to stay at consistent levels.

Effective Temperatures

Despite heat pumps providing lower energy costs, they don’t compromise when it comes to proper heating and cooling. Instead, they provide temperatures that keep you nice and toasty in the winter and cool and comfortable in the summer. If you are still uneasy about extremely cold temperatures, you can keep your natural gas furnace as a backup heating system for those frigid days. Your home can still remain warm, and you’ll use a lot less natural gas.

Increased Safety at Home

Heat pumps do not require gas or oil to operate, as other HVAC systems do. Instead, they safely transfer thermal energy to or away from the home, depending on the season. This completely eliminates any need for concern about carbon monoxide leaks or system combustion.

Heat Pump Financing Options With Rusk Heating and Cooling

When your old HVAC equipment fails, replacing it with a new heat pump is important to the safety and well-being of your home. However, a sudden breakdown that requires a new unit might not be in your budget. That’s why we offer flexible financing options through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Contact us today to discuss your financing options with Rusk Heating and Cooling.

Why Should You Choose Rusk Heating and Cooling with Your Heat Pump?

When you need maintenance, repair, or installation of heat pump units in Sharonville, OH, and the greater Cincinnati area, turn to the local company with expert technicians, honest transactions, and the experience to return your home or business to a comfortable ambient temperature. Our maintenance programs are handled by our factory-trained technicians, backed by quality parts, and begin with honesty and integrity. Call Rusk Heating and Cooling today to maintain and care for your heat pump unit.

Contact Rusk for Heat Pump Installation in Sharonville, OH

Sharonville residents can count on Rusk Heating and Cooling for top-notch heat pump installation services. Heat pumps provide year-round comfort, and we’d be happy to help you install one in your home. Contact us today to get started.