Sharonville, OH HVAC Services

Cooling Services Provided in Sharonville, Ohio

Rusk’s range of professional air conditioning services include:

AC Repair

There’s nothing worse than your air conditioning breaking down in the middle of summer. Thankfully, our team of certified air conditioning technicians is on hand to provide quick, reliable air conditioning repairs.

AC Installation

If you’re looking to install a new air conditioning system, our team can help. We’re experienced and able to install a range of different systems.

AC Tune-Up

It’s essential to get your air conditioning regularly inspected to prevent problems. Regular tune-ups will help your equipment last longer and be more energy efficient.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps combine heating and cooling functions to keep your home at the right temperature. Rusk can install, maintain, or repair heat pumps.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits can be a great way to save energy and cool individual rooms. We can advise you on what kind of air conditioning system is best for you.

Heating Repair Services in Sharonville, OH

Rusk provides a wide range of heating repair services as part of our HVAC services in Sharonville, OH.

Knowing the most common heating issues can help you spot a potential issue before it balloons into a severe problem. Seek help if you’re experiencing the following:

  • Short Cycling: This issue occurs when your HVAC system turns on and off too quickly before adequately heating your home. This issue can often be caused by a clogged or dirty HVAC filter.
  • Strange Noises: Noises don’t have to be loud to be concerning. A gurgling noise can mean air is trapped in the system, causing a blockage. Any unusual noises require reputable HVAC services in Sharonville, OH.
  • High Energy Bills: A steep increase in your energy bills is a sure sign of damage. It means your system is using energy inefficiently – often due to a leak or mechanical issue.
  • Uneven Heating: This can indicate a range of issues – including an aging system, a blocked furnace filter or short cycling. Rusk can quickly assess your equipment and solve the issue.

The best way to deal with a problem is to stop it before it even occurs. If you spot any of these problems, call Rusk for high-quality, reliable heating repair or installation services.

Trust Rusk for Indoor Air Quality Services in Sharonville, Ohio

Clean, fresh indoor air is crucial for our health and well-being. Not only is it more pleasant to breathe, but it can reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory issues. Rusk provides a range of indoor air quality services in Sharonville, OH.


An old, inefficient thermostat costs energy and money. Rusk can assess your thermostat and tell you if it needs upgrading. If this is the case, our team can install a new programmable or smart thermostat in your home.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier ensures only pure air circulates in your home. Whether you need a brand-new air purifier installed or repairs to your current unit, we can help.

Air Cleaners

From pet dander to mold and pollution, air cleaners remove these contaminants to deliver clean and fresh air. Rusk can install, maintain, and repair these systems.


Sticky, humid air can make your home unpleasant to live in and contribute to the risk of mold infestation. Call Rusk to install a dehumidifier and keep your home dry and pleasant.

Call Rusk for All of Your Home’s HVAC Needs

Rusk’s team of heating and air conditioning technicians is experienced, insured, and qualified. We can deal with a wide range of issues for air conditioning, indoor air quality, heating, and more. Whether you have a major issue or want installation advice, we’re here for you. If you need HVAC Services in Sharonville and the surrounding Cincinnati, OH area, call Rusk today.

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