Furnace Installation

Reasons to Replace a Furnace

You’re remodeling your home

If you’ve decided to remodel your Cincinnati area home, you have the opportunity to switch to a newer furnace system. Doing so will allow you to save on energy costs compared to your older furnace that requires more energy to operate at a high level.

The current system is not energy efficient

As a furnace begins to age, it requires more energy to operate at high efficiency. This can be combated by installing an energy-efficient furnace.

Your energy or heating bills are high

A furnace that isn’t operating at its peak efficiency is likely costing you more money than it should. Older furnaces or heaters that are in need of repairs may take longer to heat your Cincinnati home to the set temperature, causing it to stay on longer. The longer that your furnace stays on, the more energy it uses and the higher your energy bills are.

You’ll quickly offset the cost of a new furnace with the savings an energy-efficient unit creates.

The system isn’t heating your entire home

Inconsistent temperatures throughout your Cincinnati home are a sure sign that your furnace needs to be replaced. A furnace operating at its highest efficiency should bring your whole home up to the temperature you’ve set with no problem. Anything less than consistent temperatures throughout your home should signal the need for a new furnace.

The system has reached its age limit at 15 to 20 years old

When a furnace reaches 15 years of age, it quickly decreases in quality and efficiency. This can spell problems for your home in a number of different ways. It can cause uneven temperatures, which raise your heating bill, or even completely fail on you.

If your Cincinnati home requires new furnace installation for any of these reasons, contact Rusk as soon as possible. Our professional team of furnace installers will provide a quick and effective furnace installation and furnace replacement service to homes all across the Cincinnati and the Northern Kentucky area.

A New Heating System Can Fit Your Budget

We understand that a new heating system is a large investment. Learn more about the financing options we have available.